Amber’s Plan Part 1.

Written by Amber Evergreen

A delicious piece of erotica written by one of my Dominant and multi-talented gentlemen. Thank you, Sir S, you captured me so well… in so many ways.

The hotel corridor was dimly lit, through the window of the fire escape door the lane was cloaked in shadow. My phone buzzed, the text was from Amber, her carefully worked plan was moving forward. A tingle of anticipation was never far away when Amber was in my thoughts.

To describe Amber couldn’t paint a full picture. She commanded attention! Wherever she went, eyes followed her and conversations stalled. She was luscious, filling her clothes beautifully, her smooth curves were always wonderfully presented, but just out of reach. Amber’s sexuality was overwhelming. She was a beautiful and she knew it, a graduate of the finest school of tease. It was those beautiful eyes that tipped things over the edge, captivating, full of enticement, fun and downright wickedness.

Knowing all of that, I had still agreed to the plan!

My relationship to Amber is a little complex. She is my ex-wife’s step daughter! Amber’s father Peter was exceedingly wealthy and spoiled Amber in a way only a father can justify.  That was the established pattern of their father – daughter relationship until my ex-wife Karen came on the scene as Peter’s new conquest. Karen and I had separated 10 years before. Karen was clearly jealous of Amber and was working hard to manipulate Peter and to curb the level of indulgence which Amber enjoyed.

Amber had recently asked Peter to support her in a new business venture. Influenced by Karen, Peter for the first time had rejected one of Ambers requests. Amber was royally pissed!

I had met Amber for the first time the day after Peter had given Amber the bad news about the investment. It was at my own daughter’s 30th birthday party. As soon as I saw Amber I was completely captivated. After a few drinks at the party we found ourselves in a secluded area of the garden and Amber and I chatted about Karen and her shortcomings. Clearly we shared a common bond in relation to our view of Karen and her actions.

As the sun went down and the dim garden lights brightened, I could feel myself slipping under Amber’s spell. The way she stood so close allowing me a clear view of her full breasts, the innocent little touch of her hand on my arm and shoulder were electric, and as her eyes told me, not so innocent. I could tell there was an agenda playing out between her giggles and smiles, beautiful girls don’t routinely act that way with middle aged men they hardly know. Despite knowing all of this, I could not help myself being drawn to Amber. In many ways it was more exciting just to accept I was on a journey under someone else’s spell.

One week after the party, Amber called me. In the time since I had met her, I had been lost in many fantasies with Amber playing a starring role. Her voice on the telephone brought these thoughts flooding back. We arranged to meet for lunch the next day. Amber dominated my thoughts, I couldn’t wait to see her again.

I was sitting at a table with a view of the car park and entrance of the country pub we had agreed was discrete enough for this meeting. As I watched her climb out of her car, where a stocking clad leg and with a beautiful high heeled shoe emerged first, I felt a familiar growing excitement within me. As Amber emerged fully and reached into the back seat to retrieve her handbag, I had a perfect view of her wonderfully rounded bottom, perfectly presented in the tight skirt she was wearing.

I watched carefully as she made her way inside and after leaning forward to kiss me on the cheek, she took a seat opposite me at the table. The brief encounter with her sweet scent did nothing to diminish my lustful thoughts.  After we chatted for a while and ordered lunch, it was clear that Amber was testing me, trying to understand how much she could trust me, especially in relation to my views of Karen and her father.

As the waitress cleared the table and departed back to the kitchen, I took in the full view of Amber Across the table. I couldn’t tear my eyes from her. Her nipples were clearly erect and visible through her thin blouse and as she crossed her leg’s, she knew I could see the tops of her nude coloured stockings.

It was at that point, whilst I was completely distracted by her overwhelming presence, she asked for my help with her investment issue. My original suspicion was that she would ask me to invest in her venture but what she told me next was quite shocking. She desperately wanted to get her father to reverse his investment decision and by this stage I’m pretty sure she knew she knew I would agree to do pretty much anything to help her. Clearly she was out to teach a few people a lesson!

Back in the hotel corridor, my phone buzzed for a second time and I opened the fire escape door. From the side door of an old white van Amber stepped out into the night. The door slammed and the van sped away. Dressed for a Friday night on the town she smiled wickedly as she came through the door, breezing past me.

She moved along the corridor leaving me in her trail, giving me a look that screamed hurry along, and we entered the stair. As she moved up the steps, I watched from behind as her beautiful bottom moved right into my eye line, swaying from side to side as she stepped, her heels clicking on the hard floor, distracted, I imagined pulling the skirt up around her waist right there on the stairs, forcing my tongue into her sweet pussy and ass. I then realised I had stopped moving and Amber was beckoning me to lead the way to the hotel room I had booked through my company account. She looked at me as if knowing exactly what I had been thinking.

Stage one of her plan was complete and safely executed, Amber had been out on the town with friends at a nearby restaurant. She had excused herself to go to the bathroom on her own between courses and never returned to her table. Instead Amber had arranged for someone to collect her in the back lane of the restaurant, where no cctv cameras could catch her exit.

Amber’s devilish plan was to choreograph her own kidnap. Not so as to extort a ransom from Peter, but just to make him feel a little more generous and reverse his decision not to support Amber’s new venture. As crazy as her plan seemed, I was now an accessory.

Phase 2 was about to start. We needed to send a note and a warning to Peter not to call the police. My next role was to take some pictures of Amber holding a sign, demanding that Peter follow instructions without question and not to involve the police or he would never see Amber again.

As we entered the hotel room she stepped into the bathroom. Leaving the door open Amber proceeded to ease her skirt up and drop her sheer black panties round her ankles as she sat to pee and I was staring, open mouthed getting a full view of her shapely legs clad with sheer black stockings. Amber smiled at me, stood up and stepped out of the panties abandoning them on the bathroom floor as she moved past me into the room.

We needed to make it feel authentic and I was tying her ankles together as she sat in a chair. The smell of her was intoxicating and I felt a little overwhelmed  to be touching her legs to tie the rope, knowing that if she opened her knees, her bare pussy would be in full view.

Once I was finished she put the sign on her lap and held her hands behind the chair out of sight. I was still thinking of the smooth feel of her stockings and the sharp heels she was wearing and how the heels would feel pressing into my hard cock.

I took a few snaps with the camera and she looked at them – “they don’t look right” Amber complained.

I suggested she needed to look more dishevelled and that it would it help for her to struggle against her bindings for a short while. Perhaps even more ties around her knees and with her hands properly tied behind her back?

Amber agreed and I proceeded to restrain her further, tying her hands behind her back. After a few minutes struggling against the ties she certainly looked more like an authentic kidnap victim. Her skirt has ridden up her thighs and her bra was now visible where a button on her blouse had come undone. Her breasts looked huge as they overflowed from the cups of her bra which was now visible. I was struggling a little to maintain focus with the pale skinned swell of her breasts filling my view. I took some more pictures but Amber still wasn’t happy.

At that point I knew what was wrong. “You still look too perfect” I said. “If you had been kidnapped you would have been crying and your mouth would be gagged so that you could not cry out for help”.

It was now clear to me what needed to happen, I smiled and walked off towards the bathroom leaving her for a few seconds. Thinking of how this delightful girl could have so clearly underestimated me. Blinded by her own plan, she had fallen into the trap of trusting me to play along, where in parallel, I had developed my own agenda.

If Amber had taken time to do some research she would have discovered that my relationship with Karen had broken down, mainly due to my love of less mainstream sexual activities, which most people would describe as extreme, and where Karen had refused to participate. Amber had now placed herself in my control, and I was going to take what I wanted from her.

In the bathroom I picked up her discarded panties, holding them to my face to take in her sweet aroma. As I returned to the bedroom Amber was talking, and although I could hear the words, nothing was getting through to me. I moved towards her slowly and placed my hand around the back of her neck, grasping her hair tightly as I took her panties and forced them into her mouth.

I whispered in her ear “This whole experience needs to be more authentic so I need to put myself in the mind of a kidnapper”

Amber’s muffled words in response were unclear although her breathing was faster and her face was growing red. She wriggled in the chair and I stood up releasing her long red hair. My fingers gently traced down her cheek and her neck, pausing on her collarbone before sliding down to firmly cup her breast. As I had dreamed, it was full and heavy in my hand, and I could feel her nipple stiffening through her bra as I firmly pinched it between my fingers, noticing the piercing she had through her nipple. I unbuttoned her blouse a little more exposing her bra completely. My cock was throbbing in my trousers and I was the most excited I could ever remember. Amber was clearly a little uncomfortable, the pantie gag was having an effect.

I was desperate to release those big full tits but rather than remove her bra, I pulled them out of the cups, taking some time to squeeze them and tease the firm nipples, gently at first but growing firmer until Amber let out a little squeal. Her eyes were watering a little, perhaps because of what I was doing, perhaps because of the gag, and as I looked down her skirt had ridden right up now fully exposing her stocking tops.

I pulled Amber on to her feet, although her legs were tied at ankle and slightly above the knee, she was able to balance for a few seconds.  I instructed Amber to kneel down on the floor and I pushed her forward so that her curvy ass was exposed. With her skirt now almost up around her waist it provided me with an exquisite view of her wonderful bottom. I took some pictures for myself before my hands began to explore her curvy bum and I was unable to resist the urge to spank her a little. My hands lingered over her pussy, teasing my way between her lips, my fingers finding the entrance to her pussy and easily slipped inside her feeling her heat. She was incredibly wet as I slowly worked my fingers deeper inside, pausing every now and then to slide them over her clit and all the way up to her ass.

Amber was moaning now as I kneeled behind her, leaning in to lick her tight little asshole as I continued to invade her pussy with my fingers. I could feel those spike heels pressing into my balls as I lapped at her ass from behind. I was now pretty sure Amber was pressing her ass back into my face and her pussy was completely soaked as my fingers worked her towards orgasm.

Amber was now visibly trembling and she reached her climax, her pussy flooded with juice, my fingers were coated and glistening as I removed them slowly from her pussy. As I stood up, Amber rolled onto her side, still gasping and trembling, her face and breasts were flushed and I removed the panties from her mouth.

All I could hear now were some quiet little moans, my cock was now ready to burst. Unzipping my trousers, I released my cock and moved down on the floor beside her, all that was missing were the tears, and I knew exactly how I was going to make her eyes water. As I told her that she was now mine and she would do my bidding, my heart was warmed to hear her gasp followed by the words ‘Yes Sir, whatever pleases you Sir’ escaping her beautiful full lips.

End of part 1