Q&A with KLE Collective

Hello darlings, Would you like to learn more about your favourite curvy and submissive companion in London? I recently had a conversation with the gorgeous Hazel at Kinky London Escorts (KLE) Collective. Click the link below to read more about my recent move to London and some fantasies that I have in mind… When Hazel … Q&A with KLE Collective

Breathe With Me

Inhale, inhaleOur lips meet. Exhale, exhalethe sighs escapewith lust so sweet. Inhale, soft hands glide over skin. Exhale, eyelids closewith bliss replete. Inhale, exhale. Sensual harmony.

Coronavirus Update

My darling lovers, In light of lockdown restrictions, I thought it would be best to write a little blog of reassurance. While Coronavirus has become the greatest cock-blocker of 2020, there are still possibilities to play with me with little risk. In Scotland, the recent lockdown restrictions ban indoor gatherings and the mixing of households. However, … Coronavirus Update

My submission

Your curvy and sensual submissive escort in Edinburgh

Like every aspect of sexuality, submission has elements that are unique to the individual. In other words not all subs are the same, and as a Dominant lover, it is important to find out what makes your sub tick. This is particularly important with a professional submissive escort, as time together is often limited. This … My submission

On Being Multi-Orgasmic

It is no lie that my body is very responsive and sensitive. Someone once nicknamed me “Pringles” before as once I start cumming I really don’t stop. I have always been a sensitive plaything that adores to be caressed, fondled, stroked, groped, grabbed, and fucked. I experience orgasms usually as waves of pleasure, some incredible … On Being Multi-Orgasmic

Amber’s Plan Part 1.

A delicious piece of erotica written by one of my Dominant and multi-talented gentlemen. Thank you, Master S, you captured me so well… in so many ways.

Muffled Screams in Pillows

I want You to take away my choices. Every one of them. Make me lose control. And not even have the capacity to choose to lose control. I want to not be able to predict Your next move. From slapping me in the face. To choking me. To forcing orgasms out of me. To ramming … Muffled Screams in Pillows