My submission

Like every aspect of sexuality, submission has elements that are unique to the individual. In other words not all subs are the same, and as a Dominant lover, it is important to find out what makes your sub tick. This is particularly important with a professional submissive escort, as time together is often limited. This … My submission

On Being Multi-Orgasmic

It is no lie that my body is very responsive and sensitive. Someone once nicknamed me “Pringles” before as once I start cumming I really don’t stop. I have always been a sensitive plaything that adores to be caressed, fondled, stroked, groped, grabbed, and fucked. I experience orgasms usually as waves of pleasure, some incredible … On Being Multi-Orgasmic

Amber’s Plan Part 1.

A delicious piece of erotica written by one of my Dominant and multi-talented gentlemen. Thank you, Master S, you captured me so well… in so many ways.

Muffled Screams in Pillows

I want You to take away my choices. Every one of them. Make me lose control. And not even have the capacity to choose to lose control. I want to not be able to predict Your next move. From slapping me in the face. To choking me. To forcing orgasms out of me. To ramming … Muffled Screams in Pillows