Coronavirus Update

Written by Amber Evergreen
Independent Kinky Escort Scotland
Amber Evergreen: Independent Redhead Escort Scotland

My darling lovers,

In light of lockdown restrictions, I thought it would be best to write a little blog of reassurance. While Coronavirus has become the greatest cock-blocker of 2020, there are still possibilities to play with me with little risk. In Scotland, the recent lockdown restrictions ban indoor gatherings and the mixing of households. However, there are loopholes in which I fit several categories: 

First, people who live on their own are exempt. I fall into this category as the only other occupant in my house is my dog and kitten. When I am not being a plaything, I am the quiet academic sort with all my university work now online. This would be particularly good news if I lived in a discreet neighbourhood. Sadly, I have eyes on my flat at all times and so outcalls are preferable. Nevertheless, I will occasionally have incall dates where I will rent a discreet luxury apartment in Edinburgh. I also have access to a lovely play space in Glasgow with adequate notice.

Second, the regulations also excludes couples living in separate households. It does not mention they have to be monogamous couples. I am polyamorous and so have a few lovers, naturally! 😉

In addition, I am ensuring that I remain at low risk of catching the dreaded virus in a number of ways. I mainly walk or drive everywhere and do not use public transportation. I am staying away from shops and restaurants – although the odd dinner date would not go amiss! Like all sensible people, I am following the safety guidance with a growing collection of masks and hand sanitizers.

Furthermore, I have always been very selective with who I spend time with, and I am even more picky now. I will only see a maximum of two clients per week. Therefore preference goes to longer bookings. I am also interested in an exclusive arrangement over Christmas, if you wish to snuggle the cold nights away…

As ever, deposits are essential as cancellations are rife at the moment. Since I am only seeing one or two clients per week, last minute cancellations are particularly frustrating. 

I hope this has eased your mind if you are considering booking me as your plaything. So please don’t hesitate in writing to me and we can plan our sensual escape together. 

Little kisses,
Amber xx