“A graduate from the finest school of tease.”

 Hello darling, my name is Amber Evergreen, an independent redhead submissive companion originally from Scotland and based in London. It would be a pleasure to be your sensual plaything.

Standing at 5ft 5 (without heels), I have a gorgeous curvaceous body, natural 36DDs and a waist that looks exquisite in a corset. My demeanor is a mixture of sexy and silly, so I guess that makes me cute as well.

As a professional submissive, nothing gives me greater pleasure than serving a Master or Mistress. My list of pleasures are many, and my limits few. I never switch, so please do not ask me to Dominate you.

I have the gift of being very multi-orgasmic, my body is one wonderful erogenous zone. I am sure you will delight at how responsive I can truly be, as I become a quivering, blissful mess under your touch.

In public, I stand out for my beauty, fiery red hair and classic hourglass figure. I always wear colourful yet refined makeup to enhance my green/blue/grey eyes, long lashes, and sweetheart-shaped face. I have very luscious lips that beg to be kissed and I adore to be kissed. I always wear a choker to subtly signify by submissive good girl nature. I wear clothes that hug my figure in the most shapely of ways. While I’m most comfortable in walking boots in my personal life, I prefer to wear high heels to flatter my legs and plump derriére without my wolfie. I always have manicured long nails and take care of my beauty with frequent visits to fine salons and only using high quality skincare products.

A bit of a clever cookie, I am also a PhD student, writer and international consultant. I adore creative outlets, including drawing and colouring (yes, I love colouring for adult books!), cooking, crafts and makeup. A true wanderlust, I have lived in six different countries and have travelled to over 40.  I love going on adventures and sharing experiences with wonderful people that I can serve and care for.

 My motto is ‘dare to be different’ and my life reflects this. A sensual submissive sex goddess, as well as a sapiosexual, I adore the connection of minds as well as bodies. Rendezvous’ with me are a delight for all the senses and I devote myself in creating meaningful experiences with my lovers.

While I am a kinky minx, I am also a snuggly kitten. In BDSM play sessions aftercare is very important to me. If you wish for a more GFE, I also love cuddling and touching. If you would like me to sleepover, I snuggle even in my sleep.

Please have a peruse through my pages and I look forward to planning our sensual adventure together.

I long for you to devour me…

Little kisses,

Amber Evergreen