Muffled Screams in Pillows

Written by Amber Evergreen

I want You to take away my choices.
Every one of them.
Make me lose control.
And not even have the capacity to choose to lose control.

I want to not be able to predict Your next move.
From slapping me in the face.
To choking me.
To forcing orgasms out of me.
To ramming Your cock down my throat.
To flipping me over and fucking me in my tight ass hole.
To pulling my hair.
To so many other things that only You could possibly think of.

I want my skin to feel alive.
My scalp hurting.
My pulse thumping.
My pussy dripping.
My clit throbbing.
My jaw aching.

I want You to make my body shake continuously.
To forget the ability to walk,
The ability to speak.

I’ll just be Your insatiable fuck toy.
Muffled screams in pillows.