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Written by Amber Evergreen

Like every aspect of sexuality, submission has elements that are unique to the individual. In other words not all subs are the same, and as a Dominant lover, it is important to find out what makes your sub tick. This is particularly important with a professional submissive escort, as time together is often limited. This blog post gives you a better idea of my submissive tendencies and some fetishes I particularly enjoy. 

Submissive Redhead Escort Amber Evergreen

It’s hard for an educated woman to turn her head off. That’s part of the joy of being a submissive. None of the decisions are yours. When you can’t refuse anything and can’t even move, those voices in your head go silent. All you can do, and all you are permitted to do, is feel.”― Cherise Sinclair

I would define myself as a sensual submissive, first and foremost. I am very much a pleasure seeker, and aim to please my lover every moment we are together. I am confident in my body and sexual abilities and wish to share my voluptuous delights, to those deserving 😉

My BDSM Test Results

To explore a wee bit further, there is an online survey that helps you determine how kinky you are.
You can find out your own results by taking the test on 
For those inquisitive in understanding how kinky I am, below are my results: 

Amber Evergreen BDSM Escort

As you can see I am a submissive plaything, that enjoys being a rope bunny and engaging in naughty taboo role plays. Naturally I am non-monogamous as I enjoy being a sensual plaything for many lovers. If you call me a ‘good girl’ I’ll purr like a kitten, and I adore older gentlemen.

The test also highlights that I do not Dominate. My expertise and confidence lies with my submissive skills.

Some of My Favourite Kinks

Below are just a few of my favourite kinks. However, please have a look at my larger pleasures list as I am a very open minded plaything and enjoy many submissive fetishes. 

Amber Evergreen submissive bbw escort

Spanking & Corporal Punishment 

As a submissive, being spanked is a massive turn on for me, particularly over the knee of a lover, being told to bend over or spanking during doggy style (can you tell that I’m insatiable yet?). My booty in a lover’s hands, feeling them massage it in between quick and sharp spanks sends me into a blissful submissive state. In terms of torturous instruments of whacky pleasure, I prefer “thuddy” over “stingy”. My favourite spanking sessions include my lover teasing my dripping wet pussy making me squirm and quiver. Give me all the orgasms and my pain threshold increases. 

I adore a mixture of pain and pleasure, but I am in no way a full masochist as I adore the more sensual side of Dom/sub play. Particularly on first encounters, inflicting pain should be minimum as trust needs to be established. If it’s too much at once, it’s like flicking a switch and immediately I’m out of the zone. Always be gradual in your approach to whacking me!

Forced Orgasms

My submissiveness is strongly connected with my multi-orgasmic abilities. Therefore, forced orgasms are a particularly favourite kink of mine. Watch as I cum over and over and over again under your bittersweet torment of my body.  Have a look at my blog on being multi-orgasmic for further musings on this topic. But, in essence:

The harder you fuck me, the harder I cum. 


I adore being watched enjoy fetishes such as forced stripping/forced nudity. I am very confident in my curvaceous body and love the feeling of being inspected and examined in admiration of my ample delights. I also like being dressed up for my lover’s desires. Perhaps there is a certain outfit you would like me to where from one of my pictures or I have a growing collection of sexy lingerie and outfits. But there is always room for more, and I enjoy being spoiled and dressed up as your fuck doll. 

Amber Evergreen ball gag


Aftercare is extremely important to me and time should be spent together unwinding after a particular intense session. Aftercare ensures that we are both comfortable with what happened, allowing time to relax afterwards in a breathless tangle of limbs.

Cuddling and snuggling after the fuckening is truly the cherry on top! You will find that my hands never stop moving and stroking. My soft curves beg to be snuggled and I promise I will leave you smiling for days after our rendezvous. 

Establishing Trust

However, it is important to stress that will all kinky play it is important that we establish a level of trust together. I will not simply submit and give my all to anyone and especially on a first encounter. I am a submissive of many layers, and it would be impossible to explore all in one session. I’m a strong believer in that the more times I meet with a lover the more passion that is ignited as we learn each others bodies and I fully submit to them. 

All BDSM activities should be discussed before our play session so that everyone is on the same page. 

I hope you have enjoyed learning a little more about me and my submissiveness. Please get in touch so we can plan our kinky and sensual time together.

Little kisses,

Amber xx