On Being Multi-Orgasmic

Written by Amber Evergreen

It is no lie that my body is very responsive and sensitive. Someone once nicknamed me “Pringles” before as once I start cumming I really don’t stop. I have always been a sensitive plaything that adores to be caressed, fondled, stroked, groped, grabbed, and fucked. I experience orgasms usually as waves of pleasure, some incredible peaks but generally a continuous feeling of immense pleasure. Thus, the nickname Pringles. But I swear I’m a lot more addictive than a can of crisps (and invariably last longer)! This is a little insight into how multi-orgasmic I truly am. 

Recently, a lover asked where I am most sensitive and I giggled, replying “everywhere!” I have had orgasms that are triggered by multiple erogenous zones on my body, not just my pussy. Setting me alight can be triggered in many sensual ways. I find orgasms can be short, sweet bursts or long, earth shuddering moments that seem endless and everything in between. The blood rushes to my head and my skin tingles all over, particularly the places being explored at the time. Even when I am lying with a lover afterwards in a sweaty mess, the after shocks can last for quite some time. 

Indeed, there are so many ways to drive me wild. The feeling of a lover’s hands on my back can push me over the edge as can a breath-taking body-crushing kiss, or the sharpness of a spank on my rosey cheeked bottom, or even at the sound of my lover’s voice commanding me to give him everything and so many other sensual ways. One of the reasons why I am such a successful plaything is that my lovers know that I am having a really good time with them. My body does not lie! 

However, one of my hard limits is orgasm denial, and this is twofold. First, why deny my body such pleasure when it is so easy to achieve? Second, I have found that at times when lovers have told me to stop coming or denied me, I can turn off completely. Which just makes me grumpy, incredibly frustrated and is not very pleasant. So please don’t be that person and abide my limits.

 Being so multi-orgasmic is undeniably linked with my submissive tendencies. It would be difficult to be in command when I lose complete control of my body so often during moments of passion! I adore being at the mercy of someone, and the thrill of relinquishing power. I enjoy being watched while being in orgasmic ecstasy and it sure is a spectacle that many have enjoyed.

While, I do find most sexual encounters enjoyable and the question “did you cum babe” really does not apply to me. I always worry for the gentlemen who ask this; certainly it did not call for a repeat performance. Every lover and play session is different, and so when I really connect with someone and the chemistry is so hot the air sizzles, then what an incredible fuckening can be had! I am very lucky that I get to have so many hot steamy sessions with my lovers. But, as the true nympho I am, I always crave more of those sensual and erotic experiences.  

So please send me a lust letter and find out for yourself how multi-orgasmic I really am. You’ll discover just how much I adore being a plaything, and you’ll be blown away by how pleasurable moments with me can be. 

Little kisses, 

Amber xx 

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