The Desire for Human Touch 

Written by Amber Evergreen

One of the key reasons why clients book me is the desire for human touch. In a society like Scotland and even more so in the UK, personal space is a living barrier to human touch in everyday life.


Some people are lucky if all they receive on a daily basis is the possibility of a hand shake. 

Many people are denied the basic need for human touch. Online dating can be a minefield, for women it can be dangerous, for men the opportunities may be few. Dates and the result of human touch may not occur regularly enough for someone to feel happy, desired, confident and a general sense of well-being. Some people are in relationships where physical needs may not be met for a variety of reasons including illness, purposefully withheld or incompatible sexual desires. While others may be single and do not want the emotional connections that dating can include as their priorities lie elsewhere. But the desire for human touch rarely leaves us. 


When people are denied human touch as a basic need, they feel depressed, insecure, lonely, sad and a whole number of negative feelings and affects. It can also bring out anger and hatred in people. 


On the other hand, with the access to safe, sane and consensual touch in a caring and sensual space that a provider can offer can have very different results. I promise my clients that they will leave my company smiling for days. For even with just spending a couple of hours with me will leave very lasting effects of confidence, happiness, high self-esteem and indeed the desire for more. 


As a professional submissive, I have a desire to care for people in ever so sensual ways. With my orgasmic prowess, I do not hide how much pleasure I receive in obeying and being in the presence of someone that wishes for me to serve them. I also love to touch, so enjoy snuggling and cuddling in a tangle of limbs with my lover. There is no judgement in the safe space that I offer, just an opportunity to be worshipped and to worship. 


Get in touch and book me soon, I’m good for you.